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Each day millions of items are lost e.g. gadgets and cell phones, sports equipment, jackets, wallet, etc. FindOwner increases the chances of you recovering your lost belongings. Just put a FindOwner sticker label or tags on items your frequently carry with you.FindOwner is a very low cost solution to help recover your lost items.

How will the FindOwner label or tag help recover my lost item?

When people find your lost item e.g. could be your SLR camera, soccer ball, baseball bat, laptop, tablet or cell phone or even your child's plush toy, they do not know how to return it to you if there is no contact information on it. If you tag the item with a FindOwner barcode label and when someone finds it he/she can simple scan it using the mobile app or enter the numbers below the barcode on the website The application will securely facilitate communication and help you recover the lost item.

I can use a pen to put my contact information on my items, why use FindOwner labels?

Yes, you could. For majority of the population, you may not have a label or a permanent marker pen on which you could neatly inscribe your contactinformation. You may never know when you may lose something. For many others, they may not want their contact information floating around with the item. With FindOwner labels you need not worry about any of this. The labels and tags are weather proof and withstand extreme weather conditions. You can also purchase iron-on labels that could be used to tag jackets and outer wear clothing. The iron-on labels will not wear off in laundry.

What kind of items can I tag with FindOwner labels and tags.

Anything. Yes, you can tag any items you carry with you - suitcase, water bottles, shoulder bag, gadgets, shoes, hats, caps, sports equipment, anything that you think could get lost and may be found by someone. You can even tag your pets, children, and adults with medical conditions like Alzheimer who may wander away and unable to identify themselves or their way back.

I could use locate my cell feature to find my phone. What is the benefit of FindOwner labels?

Your cell phone, laptop or tablet will run out of battery soon and then you will not be able to locate it unless the person who finds it keeps it charged, also it depends on signal. Sometimes, your lost items are found hours or days later by when there is more battery charge remaining. With a FindOwner label, even if the gadget has run out of battery or severely damaged, the person has the option to reach out to you by simply scanning the labels.

What if the FindOwner label cannot be scanned?

We have a barcode and a number printed on the label. If your cell phone is unable to scan the barcode of the lost item then you can type in the numbers below the barcode and send a message to the owner.

How is FindOwner label different from Bluetooth or RFID tags?

Bluetooth or RFID tags again are dependent on battery charge, they work only as long as there is battery charge. Additionally, the Bluetooth device has to be within a certain range which is most commonly about 30 feet. With FindOwner labels distance is not a factor. Whether you are miles away or even in another city or country, when someone finds your lost item, they still have a means of reaching out to you and help you recover the lost item. Additionally, the FindOwner is a very low lost solution, averaging $1 a label compared to $20 or more Bluetooth tags.

Why would someone want to help me recover my lost item?

Most of the time people in the community want you to have your item back just like they would if they were to lose something. They are unable to help you recover the item if they are unable to contact you. With FindOwner labels they can now reach out to you.

Is my contact information safe?

Yes, you contact information is completely safe and never shared with anyone without your consent. When someone finds your lost items, only with your consent and the finder’s consent the contact information is exchanged so you and finder can co-ordinate with each other to recover the lost item.

Is the FindOwner service free of cost?

No, sorry, this is not a free service. You can purchase as many labels you like from the order page, the labels average $1 a label. Also, there is a $5 fee to facilitate communication between you and the person who finds your lost item. From time to time we may have promotions for discounted cost on labels and coupons to that you could use instead of paying a service fee to facilitate communication with the finder of the item.

Does the finder has to pay any fee.

No. There is no cost to the person who finds your lost item. We greatly appreciate the honesty and the goodwill of the people who help your recover your lost item and set a trend and example for the bigger community.

Do I need to pay anything more to the person who finds my lost item?

No, you do not have to pay anything additional. You may optionally announce a reward through the application at the time when you mark an item as lost. A reward greater than $5 is split with the finder. The finder can cash out in increments of $20 or use it as credit to order additional labels.

How can I know the person who finds my lost item is actual in possession of the lost item?

The label that you added to your account uniquely identifies the item you added to your account when you tagged the item with a FindOwner sticker label or tag. You can additionally request the finder to send you a picture of the lost item. Likewise, the person who finds your item may also ask you to prove that you are in fact the owner of the lost item.

Will someone automatically get my contact information when they scan the label on my item?

No, unless we have your consent, your contact information will not be shared with anyone. You may pre-authorize us to share your contact information when someone scans the label on the lost item.

FAQ for Business Owners:

I own a rental business, can I use FindOwner labels for my business?

Absolutely. You can purchase as many labels you would like and tag all your items which could be a bicycle or tools or even sports equipment. This is also encouraging to the person renting the item from you in case he happens to lose the item he has more chances of recovering the lost item and avoid the high penalties of replacing the item rented from you. As a business, contact us for volume discounts.

I manage a hotel, how is FindOwner useful to me?

You can encourage your guests to use FindOwner labels to tag their items. A good chunk of items are lost while people travel. If you find a lost item you can quickly and easily help the owner recover the lost item and gain the trust and loyalty of your customers. At the same time save significantly on time and resources, which is labor to handle lost items and also eliminate the need for storage space if the items are quickly restored to their rightful owners. Not just your staff but anyone staying at your hotel can reach out to the owner who lose items tagged with FindOwner labels and save the time your staff may have to take out in addition to their other tasks and responsibilities

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